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assume vivid astro focus
Henzel Studio
assume vivid astro focus: Henzel Studio Collaborations Art Rug

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assume vivid astro focus: Henzel Studio Collaborations Art Rug

ancient visions always freeze, 2013

Hand Knotted Rug. Limited Edition and Numbered.

100% New Zealand Wool and Silk. 150 knot.

Available sizes:

74 x 84.5 inches (180 x 215 cm)

81 x 96.5 inches (205 x 245 cm)

92.5 x 110 inches (235 x 280 cm)

Made to order. Please expect 18 weeks for delivery.

Custom sizes available upon request. Please email us at for inquiries.

Shipping included in price

Handmade in Nepal

Produced by Henzel Studio

For HENZEL STUDIO COLLABORATIONS, assume vivid astro focus designed artwork in parallel with their 2013 exhibition alisabel viril apagão fenomenal at Casa Triângulo in São Paulo, a visual commentary on the reckless real estate development taking place in the city. The rug is free-form, with variable pile heights per color block. assume vivid astro focus, known by the acronym avaf, is an artist collective founded by Eli Sudbrack in 2002. Since 2005, he has been working with Christophe Hamaide-Pierson as a duo that often morphs into a collective depending on the different projects they are involved in, producing art in a wealth of media, including sculpture, video, performance, installations, paintings, neons and wallpaper.

assume vivid astro focus

Eli Sudbrack, born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Lives and works in São Paulo, Brazil and New York City, USA

Christophe Hamaide-Pierson, born in Paris, France
Lives and works in Paris, France

Personal expression and a lust for life are prominently emphasized in projects that are simultaneously rooted in politics of free speech, civil rights, classifications of class, gender and national identity. Infused by pop culture and political references, avaf is influenced by multiple sources and visual traits from art, culture, politics, sociology, fashion and music, creating stunning and visually explosive mash-ups of transformed and re-contextualized references. avaf operates with a hedonistic spirit, and engages in frequent collaborations with musicians, designers, dancers and other artists, challenging conventional assumptions about authorship and the role of the artist’s persona in society and the contemporary art world with their core beliefs as foundation: “share, generosity, contaminate, be contaminated, devour, be devoured, travel and spread”.