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Andy Warhol
Andy Warhol Foam Brillo Pouf by Quinze & Milan

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Celebrating the design legacy of Andy Warhol 30 years after his death, Quinze & Milan has joined The Andy Warhol Foundation to create the Brillo Box Pouf. Made of supportive QM Foam, this functional soft replica of Warhol’s Pop sculpture is a versatile piece of Pop Art. Every Brillo Pouf is coated and silk screened by hand*. It's art, not industry. *Minor variations in print (flecks and blurring) may occur as this is the way Andy Warhol saw it so Quinze & Milan stays true to his way of producing.

  • Available in White or Yellow
  • Crafted with patented high density QM FOAM™
  • Product Dimensions: 17" x 17" x 17"


For daily cleaning: lukewarm water and a soft detergent, wiped with a cloth will do the trick.

About Quinze & Milan:
Quinze & Milan collections go beyond furniture design. Their products prompt you to spin tales, to dream and to shape a reality all your own. Created by guest designers from various disciplines, Quinze & Milan collections encompass parts of a whole rather than existing as solitary objects. These are designer pieces that imbue a space with meaning by skirting the edges of all that is obvious. Pieces that exude energy and push the envelope of design. All collections are rooted in specific projects, including public schemes, thus guaranteeing an extensive development phase and thoroughly tested results.