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Tom of Finland
My Gay Eye (Mein schwules Auge) - Tom of Finland Foundation Special

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This is the 14th year of publishing My Gay Eye. It is both in German and English, making it the first international edition.

The book contains images from over 120 artists and authors from the global queer communities. Its curators have put a focus on bridging two continents and the sister cities of Berlin and Los Angeles. 

This issue is a survey of the history, development and influence of the artist Tom of Finland (Touko Laaksonen, Finnish, 1920-1991) as expressed through homages and critiques. Additionally, the reader gets a glimpse into the enormous wealth of erotic art and culture that has been protected, preserved and promoted by Tom of Finland Foundation since its inception in 1984. The relevance of Tom’s art, and that of hundreds of fellow creators, is explored by artists who participate in the Foundation’s programs, including artist residencies.

This edition will allow an even wider audience to enjoy and support the importance of queer history and culture while they savor the artwork of Peter Berlin to Jim French (Colt Studios), George Quaintance to Rinaldo Hopf, Tom of Finland to Gengoroh Tagame, Rex and The Hun to G.B. Jones and Del LaGrace Volcano, and contemporary artists Stuart Sandford, Florian Hetz, and Slava Mogutin. Readers will enjoy German text contributions by Kevin Clarke to Ralf König and American authors Michael Bullock to Jamison Karon.

Mein schwules Auge - My Gay Eye. Tom of Finland Foundation Special.
Jahrbuch der schwulen Erotik 2018 / The Yearbook of Gay Erotica 2018
Hg. von / Edited by  Rinaldo Hopf und Axel Schock
400 Seiten, Fadenheftung / 400 pages, Thread Binding