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032c Socks Remove Before Sex White / Red

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The shorter our days get, the more importance socks gain. Because they are so effective, they often lead a strictly utilitarian existence. It’s unfair. When you think about it, just because something has practical value, we need not reduce it. Just imagine treating sex this way. Ridiculous! Sex of course is a necessity. Not for its contingent reproductive benefits, but to connect people and to keep us warm. The number one rule to doing it right: you have to respect it. Follow the instructions on 032c’s new socks and “remove before sex.” The classic white crew sock stitched with this message and the 032c logo looks just as good on your feet as they do crumpled on the floor. 

 Sizing Details:

Small: Equals EUR size 35-39
Large: Equals EUR size 40-45

  • Color of product shown
  • 100% cotton
  • Made in Hungary
  • Orders for 032c Socks are non-refundable.
  • Also available in Black / White


032c is a magazine and apparel brand. Our workshop in Berlin-Kreuzberg is a production and research center, where we assess and contribute to contemporary culture. Our findings are published digitally and as a collectible manual for freedom, research, and creativity, printed twice annually.

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