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AIDS ON GOING GOING ON tote by Kay Rosen for Visual AIDS

Kay Rosen has created our 2013 Print+ tote bag for Visual AIDS with the powerful statement AIDS ON GOING GOING ON.

Rosen states "As I thought of a message about AIDS to be carried around on a tote bag, it was important to me to express, within a verbal micro universe of a few bold words, that AIDS is far from over." 

As part of our Print+ Editions, Visual AIDS has been working with contemporary artists to create limited edition, artist designed tote bags since 2008. Perfect for the weekend market, making friends on the train, and starting conversation on street corners, artist designed tote bags are one way Visual AIDS provokes dialogue, reminding the world that AIDS is not over.

Visual AIDS has been working with artists for over 28 years to raise AIDS awareness and provoke dialogues about HIV. Our Print+ Editions use a variety of mediums including posters, buttons, stickers, and tote bags as a creative and public way to share information and remind the world that AIDS IS NOT OVER.

Regular price $20.00