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Arena Homme + Summer / Autumn 18

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Arena Homme+ 49 Summer/Autumn 2018

Something crazy has happened with this new AH+ ..

Just when you thought you had one incredible magazine that was all you ever needed, one has become two.. Arena Homme + PLUS SWERVE. A new supplement. SWERVE is AH + 's rebellious younger brother. Featuring Prada Sad Boys/ Alasdair McLellan/ Sean and Seng/ Martine Rose interviewed by Lucy Kumara Moore/ Blondey McCoy/ EA7 + more. 

Arena Homme+ is refined and elegant. Hermes, Dior, Brioni, Grace Wales Bonner, Bryan Ferry.... something INCREDIBLE from David Sims, Wolfgang in Africa, Juergen pensive.. A Judy Blame poster.. and remembrances of Judy from Neneh Cherry, Boy George, Baillie Walsh, Kate Moss, Nick Logan and more..