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Attitude Magazine Drag SOS-Summer 2019

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The stars of Channel 4's hit new show Drag SOS tell Attitude about the influence drag culture has on the British public.

Known as the Family Gorgeous, including Liquorice Black, Lill, Asttina Mandella, Cheddar Gorgeous, Anna Phylactic, TeTe Bang, Donna Trump, the group of Manchester's finest drag queens travel up and down the country to meet people and help them discover their drag personas - sort of Queer Eye meets drag.

The group of queens open up about the show and how the British public respond to drag.

TeTe - the show's only female drag queen - tells us: "Our experiences were all fairly similar.

"It was surprising just how open the British public are to drag. I had a few questions about my gender, but overall people weren't too fussed - they'd just smile at the sight of these larger-than-life characters walking around their town."

The show - which will start airing on Channel 4 from June 25 - travels to various towns including Ipswich, Scarborough, Dover and Dudley and it's not just LGBTQ people the queens help embrace their drag persona.

"We met all sorts of characters," Liquorice tells Attitude. "Some really shy people: we wokred with a farmer, a personal trainer... it's not just people from the LGBTQ community, everyone's involved.

"Young to old, everyone you could imagine, we've made over."