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mykita x bernard willhelm
Bernhard Willhelm x Mykita - Blaze Sunglasses

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Made of lightweight stainless steel with details in MYLON, WOLFI in MH11 Champagne Gold/Pitch Black with Dark Green Solid lenses is an aviator-shaped sunglass frame from the MYKITA & Bernhard Willhelm collection. Handcrafted in Berlin.
  • Extremely light
  • Material: MYLON
  • Patented screwless hinge system
  • Hydrophobic nano coating
  • Individually adjustable
  • Tinted polyamide sun visor with 100% protection against UVA/UVB rays and an anti-reflective inner coating

Available in 3 colors:

Frame: Pitch Black
Lens: Silver

Frame: Pitch Black
Lens: Dark Grey Solid

Frame: Storm Grey
Lens: Rainbow Flash

Bernhard Willhelm entertainer and enfant terrible: Fashion designer Bernhard Willhelm is a little bit of both. Mykita and the Paris based designer have collaborated since 2009, from sun visors to colored gradient lenses or either eighties-style aviator frames. Just as the fashion designs of Bernhard Willhelm, these models blend innovative designs and cues from the world of contemporary culture to form independent creations.

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mykita x bernard willhelm

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