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Bruce LaBruce: The Advocate for Fagdom

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Bruce LaBruce: The Advocate for Fagdom

At turns, a transgressive artist in the purest sense of the term, the spiritual son of Kenneth Anger and John Waters, or leader of the Queercore movement, one thing is certain: Bruce LaBruce makes small budget movies full of hardcore sex, political messages and containing as much violence as tenderness, in which he happily crushes any gay attitude cliches while practicing ironic self glorification, mocks any horror movie or dramatic set ups, and avoids all fashionable art trends. Bruce maddens, irritates, enchants, charms, fascinates and mostly keeps the LaBruce mystery very much alive. Cast includes: Bruce LaBruce, Glenn Belverio, Bruce Benderson, Jurgen Bruning, Rick Castro, Jey Crisfar, Vaginal Davis, Rupert Goldsworthy, Ernest Hardy, Richard Kern, Harmony Korine, Javier Peres, Susanne Sachsse, Jack Sargeant, Gus Van Sant and John Waters.

Year: 2012

Run time: 91 min