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Buck Off by Perfect Fit
Perfect Fit
Buck-Off Official Buck Angel FTM Stroker by Perfect Fit

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The first and flagship product in the Buck Angel™ FTM line is the award-winning Buck-Off™, a compact stroker that is a boon to trans men suffering from gender dysphoria.  As Buck says "Loving your new body is what it’s all about.”

The official Buck Angel® stroker is the first product designed specifically for trans men to engage in stroking fun.  Every man loves to stroke, but not every man is the same.  We engineered this using Buck's vision for how the product should feel and fit.  Buck has a mission to help trans men become comfortable with their bodies, and so pleasurable to touch it is addictive.  This is Buck's signature toy sized for the trans man who has started transition.

"I have talked with so many FTM people about how they have a hard time connecting sexually with their bodies while transitioning. I never had bottom surgery,” Angel explains, “and when I learned to connect with my vagina and learned how to love it, it changed my life for the better in so many ways.”

The Buck-Off™ Buck Angel® FTM Stroker was designed to help trans men to explore and love their bodies. We developed the Buck-Off™ for t-cock/enlarged clitoris, a common physical change that happens during transition as a result of HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy).

Trans men not on HRT, might like the The Kiss-X clitoral stimulator, basically a snugger version of the Buck-Off™, but with a smaller hole for people with smaller parts.

In 2017 the Buck-Off™ won both the XBIZ Awards "Specialty Product/Line of the Year Award" and the AVN “O” Awards "Outstanding Innovation Award". 

Color : Black
Size : Medium

Buck Angel® is the world’s first collection of sex toys designed specifically to meet the needs of transmen.

Spurred by the dearth of sex toys/sexual wellness products on the market addressing the unique needs of transmen, the Buck Angel FTM Line was developed and is collaboratively designed by trans icon, educator and LGBTQ rights activist Buck Angel, and Perfect Fit Brand CEO Steve Callow.


Perfect Fit

Established in 2011 and helmed by inventor, designer and CEO Steve Callow, Florida-based Perfect Fit Brand is a manufacturer of innovative, high quality, and easy to use sexual health aids and sex toys for the entire gender and sexuality spectrum. Callow founded the company based on the principle that sex toys should not only look and feel great, but must, above all, perform. For Callow, “There is only one level of performance that meets our standard: amazing!”. With proprietary materials like SilaSkin™ and PF Blend™, engineering teams in the US and Canada, years of research, and enthusiastic armies of focus group testers, Perfect Fit Brand has invented, tested, designed and delivered some of the most unique sex toys on the market today. Among them are the molded Zoro one-piece strap-on, the Xact-Fit™ cock ring sizing system and Play Zone Kit (9 cock rings stacked on an min-traffic cone); the Ergofló Enemas; the Buck Angel @FTM Line including the Buck-Off™, Kiss-X, and Fun Boy Packer; a collection of some of the most unique butt plugs available, such as the Master Plug, Tunnel Plug, and Hump Gear; and most recently, Bumper™ Thrust Buffer™, designed to relieve penetrative sex discomfort. Perfect Fit Brand has been honored with over 70 awards and nominations to date, including the XBIZ 2018 LGBT Pleasure Products Company of the Year Award, the 2017 XBIZ Specialty Product/Line of the Year Award, the 2017 “Outstanding Innovation “O” Award, and the 2016 XBIZ Male Pleasure Products Company of the Year Award. (See a list of the most recent on our Awards page.) We are sex toy lovers ourselves. All of our products are not only designed by us and tested by us, but also guaranteed by us. Perfect Fit Brand offers one of the best warranty in the industry: A one-year satisfaction guarantee.

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