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Cockheart Sterling Silver Necklace

Solid Sterling Silver 

Made in collaboration with Nicole Paskauskas who is a silversmith and experimental textiles designer. Alumni of London College of Fashion and London jewelery workshop she now works from her studio in North East London on a collaboration and commission basis.


    More than a streetwear brand, Cockheart, born in East London and closely tied to Oslo, Norway, breathes a philosophy, aiming to provoke but never offend - A safe space for everyone, however you identify yourself.

    Whatever your interpretation of the symbol, we want our clothes to inspire you, we want you to look- and feel-good wearing them, and we want you to have fun. We seek to challenge heteronormative values and rituals by creating an icon-based identity queer people can congregate around. 

    We should all have the freedom to present our authentic selves, and to celebrate how beautifully diverse we are.

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