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3.4 oz / 100 ml OR 16.7 oz / 500 ml

Winner of the Men’s Health Grooming Award for Best New Moisturiser, Lqd FACE hydrate lives up to its name, and we guarantee it’s the best way to hydrate your skin. Specifically designed for active men, this thick, rich, non-greasy moisturiser is packed full of every ingredient you would ever want in a skin tonic, without the usual irritants. It’s also great for anyone suffering from Eczema, Rosacea, or other red itchy dry skin conditions. Going on with a matte appearance, you’ll quickly become addicted to how good your skin will look and feel. No fragrance added.


Lqd FACE hydrate is markedly different from every other men’s moisturiser on the market. It replenishes the nutrients your skin needs and locks in moisture to keep your skin feeling supple and fresh all day long, without becoming shiny or oily. A true skin tonic, it’s packed full of antioxidants to fight free-radical damage, contains vitamins C and E as well as Aloe Vera, Green Tea, Witch Hazel and Chamomile, to deliver potent protection from harsh urban elements such as pollution, smoking and air-conditioning. No fragrance added.


  • Moisturizes, rejuvenates and nourishes freshly shaved skin
  • Thick, rich, intense and non-greasy
  • Helps to give back skin’s natural moisture levels, preventing dryness
  • Moisturizes and protects from pollution, smoking and air-conditioning
  • Absorbs quickly
  • Can be used on scalps of men who shave their head
  • Leaves skin feeling soft, supple and relaxed
  • End feeling is hydrated with a matte appearance
  • No sulphates, parabens, phthalates, colours or fragrance


  • Sweet Almond, Jojoba Oil – nourishes and quenches the skin with antioxidants (A, E)
  • Aloe Vera (organic) – is a skin conditioner – cools, calms, moisturizes and heals skin surface adding to smoothing effect
  • Camellia Seed Oil – a light, quick absorbing oil packed with antioxidants
  • Witch Hazel – an astringent and antioxidant that aids in healing the skin
  • Shea and Cocoa Seed Butter – moisturizes, repairs and nourishes the skin, while also providing a protective barrier from pollution and grime
  • Rosehip Oil – high in antioxidants and known as a scarless healer
  • Chamomile – an anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and skin soothing ingredient
  • Ficus Carica – an anti-itch, skin conditioning ingredient
  • VItamin E & Green Tea Leaf – cell protecting antioxidants and stimulating to skin’s microcirculation increasing uptake of active ingredients


  • Skincare designed for men
  • Free from all known irritants
  • Clinically developed cosmeceuticals as skin care
  • Active ingredients
  • No animal testing
  • Made in Australia

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