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L.A. Zombie - Film by Bruce LaBruce

An extraterrestrial zombie (who may just be a schizophrenic vagrant, and whose appearance constantly shifts between that of a corpse, a tusked beast with irregular genitals, and a normal man) emerges from the sea, and begins making its way to Los Angeles. A motorist notices the zombie walking along a deserted road, picks it up, and dies in an accident moments later. The zombie recovers from the crash, and reanimates the driver by penetrating a wound in the man’s chest with its monstrous penis. The ghouls have sex, which ends with the first zombie ejaculating black semen, and stumbling away as the motorist sits among the wreckage of his vehicle, in awe of what had just transpired. The zombie reaches Los Angeles, and after perusing shopping carts full of discarded objects, ventures to the L.A. River, where it sees a white collar criminal being shot to death by his partner. The zombie drags the deceased lawbreaker to a soiled mattress, and resurrects him via coitus with the bullet wounds in the man’s back. The undead criminal and the zombie have sex, which is followed by the zombie wandering away, washing itself, and going to a café, where it purchases a cup of coffee. The zombie steals some clothing, and finds the dumped body of a gang member who was shot in the head. The zombie brings the hood back to life by molesting the hole in his forehead, and has sex with him. A group of homeless are then shown meeting at an abandoned sofa, but flee when they discover the body of a fellow bum who had overdosed in a cardboard box. The zombie stumbles upon the scene, and after ignoring a homeless man who is merely passed out, resurrects and engages in sex with the dead one. In a BDSM dungeon, four men have an orgy, and later all of them are killed by a pair of drug dealers when they refuse to pay for low-quality cocaine. The zombie witnesses the massacre through a window, enters the building, and instigates a gory circle jerk after bringing back the shot leathermen. The zombie then goes to a cemetery, cries tears and blood as it reminisces about its lovers, and digs up a grave as it begins to storm.

François Sagat
Rocco Giovanni
Wolf Hudson
Eddie Diaz 
Andrew James
Matthew Rush
Erik Rhodes
Francesco D’Macho 
Adam Killian 
Tony Ward
Santino Rice 

Year: 2010

Running time: 63 Min

DVD Region #1


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