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Physique Pictorial Volume 47 [Winter 2018] Magazine

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1000 numbered copies worldwide
Embossed Bob Mizer Foundation Seal

100 pages  
6.5 x 9"  
Cover printed on matt paper 12 pt. 
Pages printed on matt paper #105  
Full Color  
Heavy-weight French Fold cover

Picking up where Mizer left off, Volume 47 will include never before seen images of our featured model Brian Idol, guest portfolios focusing on modern dayphotographers Carmelo Blazquez, Chivas Clem, Robyn Tenneil,and Gerardo Vizmanos, a round of Mizer Monkey Business, and a look at then-illegal nudes by 1950s photographer Jon Arnt.

You've been waiting 27 years since the last issue. The wait is over.

We are excited to announce the relaunch of the quarterly Physique Pictorial magazine, the iconic publication that trendsetting photographer Bob Mizer produced from 1951-1990. Physique Pictorial introduced the world to such fantastic photographers such as Bruce of Los Angeles, Lon of London and Champion Studios, models such as John Apache, Jim Paris, and Tico Patterson, and artists such as Tom of Finland, Etienne and George Quaintance. 

The digest-sized magazine served as a platform for Mizer to pontificate on his worldview and to showcase his own photography of his stable of Hollywood starlings. We are creating a clean modern look for the publication, hoping to generate a fine art vibe for the production (this IS NOT porn nor beefcake).

Our intention since the day we began protecting Bob Mizer's estate was to bring it back to the public in a way that makes people feel good. We are so fortunate to have fans like you, people who are willing to help fortify us and be a part of who we are and what we do. Your support means the world to us!