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Starrfucker Magazine Issue 9

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Starrfucker Magazine is a beefcake magazine for the modern homosexual man. Created by Los Angeles based photographer, Jeremy Lucido as an extension of his art. The magazine is an photographic illustration of porn to art and art to porn.

Issue 9:
The Beard Issue (2014)
6.5" x 8.5", 64 pages
Black & White
Erotica. Photo. Art.
Limited Edition of 1000

Photography: Jeremy Lucido

Starring: Gregory Broome / Adam Ramzi / GianLuca Miltrano / John Constantine / Shawn Amurai / Nigel Zeff / Joey Lopez / Jarec Wentworth / Colby Keller / James Cerne / Jordan Levine / Josh Nece / Robert Craig Welch / Shawn Morales

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