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Silvia Prada
The Silvia Prada Art Book

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By Silvia Prada

Hardcover / 11.8 x9.5 inches (30x24 cm)
18 pages / black and white grayscale
Mobile piece and centerfold foldout
Edition of 1000
Pub date: 2006
Printed and bound in Spain

THE SILVIA PRADA ART BOOK encapsulates iconic moments that are manifested next to Prada’s trademark geometric compsoitions. The portraits, ranging from Madonna, Kate Moss, Jeff Bridges, Vincent Gallo, Jenny Shimizu, Tony Ward and Marky Mark, documents the refining of sexual identity as it pertains to the visual culture of the 90’s, a decade that gave rise to a new generation to whom individualism and a self-defined style were of crucial importance. The works collectively highlight POP’s dismissal of conventional beauty, stripping away superfluous gender-defining attributes and other social conventions.