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costo x Tom of Finland
Tom of Finland
Tom of Finland x Costo JAIR Brown Leather Cap

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Tom of Finland x Costo JAIR Brown Leather Cap

By Costo Accessories

100% Leather

Repurposed, eco-sustainable fabric lining 

Small: 56 cm/22 inches

Medium: 58 cm/22.8 inches

Large: 60cm/ 23.6 inches

Not eligible for promotional discounts

Collaboration between Tom of Finland Foundation and COSTO, Finland’s leading fashion brand for hats and other accessories with a commitment to ecological excellence. Costo and Tom of Finland Foundation have come together to create a classic and stylish collection that not only honors the art of Tom of Finland but also brings the world of TOM’s work to life in a whole new way.

Part of the proceeds benefit the Tom of Finland Foundation 

Watch how the collection is made.

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