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Christian Lacroix Neon Pink Ombre Paseo Sticky Note

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A vibrant portfolio of sticky notes from Christian Lacroix- 200 sticky notes in all! Covered in the classic embossed Paseo pattern, but colored in an ombre fade, this sticky note set is perfect for any note taking needs.

The Christian Lacroix Paseo notebooks encompass all aspects of the classic, traditional notebook with the added touch of sophistication and luxury through design detail.

The Paseo pattern was inspired by embroidered motifs of the capes of Spanish bullfighters in the 19th century and features an eye-catching kaleidoscopic pattern in an array of luxurious colors in classic faux leather material.

  • Embossed Paseo protective cover
  • Four color pads: blue, pink, yellow and gray
  • Each pad has 40 sheets, 200 sticky notes in all
  • Book Size: 6 x 3", 10.5 x 15.2cm
  • Note Size: 2.75 x 2.75", 7 x 7cm

    Produced by Galison