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Bruce LaBruce
Bruce LaBruce Obscenity Double Ring by Jonathan Johnson

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Two finger ring in collaboration with Canadian filmmaker Bruce LaBruce for his film "Gerontophilia" from 2013.

Available in Gold and Silver

Material: Gold Plated Brass or Rhodinated Brass 

One-size-fits-all / Adjustable

Produced by Jonathan Johnson


Gerontophilia, A film by Bruce LaBruce, 2013

Bruce LaBruce

For over a quarter-century the auteur/provocateur known as Bruce LaBruce has been disrupting, dissecting, and disrobing in the name of cinema. Blasted into the demimonde of underground punk moviemaking with his feature debut, No Skin Off My Ass, LaBruce quickly established that, while he was certainly game for exploring the messy, sticky zones of fringe film, he was actually the unholy product of arthouse auteurism. From Robert Altman to Federico Fellini and Werner Herzog, LaBruce mines the sacred texts of the canon and inserts his own revolutionary gay-sex-positive narratives. Layered with scathing wit and a fundamental rejection of capitalist control over the mind and body, his films and photographs take to task the mainstream porn industry as well as Hollywood. In this spirit, he has collaborated with actors—like Slava Mogutin, Tony Ward, and Francois Sagat—who swing between art and commerce, fashion and filth, the avant-garde and the boulevard. Bruce LaBruce’s particular brand of regal queer fecundity has spawned a generation of feral filmmakers (and ravenous audiences).

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