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Cockheart Pride Tee

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In anticipation of Pride 2018, we've decided to release a special t-shirt that revitalizes the classic LGBTQ rainbow. Inspired by the Philadelphia More Color More Pride campaign, our rainbow brandishes additional stripes in black and brown. Though the community united under the original flag are meant to champion LGBTQ rights, homonormativity has also been grounds for its own kind of violence, prejudice and divisiveness. The widened spectrum of our rainbow hopes to bring into visibility a major LGBTQ blindspot: of those who often feel erased or underrepresented by mainstream Pride. This is in spirit of the Cockheart Family ethos, one built around genuine unity, solidarity, and celebration of diversity. We cannot only celebrate our freedom to love while knowing many of our queer siblings still must fight to live.

  • 100% Ring-spun Cotton
  • Screen printed in the UK

Size Guide:

  • Small: 34-36 
  • Medium: 38-40
  • Large: 42-44
  • X-Large: 46-48
  • 2X-Large: 50-52


More than a streetwear brand, Cockheart, born in East London and closely tied to Oslo, Norway, breathes a philosophy, aiming to provoke but never offend - A safe space for everyone, however you identify yourself.

Whatever your interpretation of the symbol, we want our clothes to inspire you, we want you to look- and feel-good wearing them, and we want you to have fun. We seek to challenge heteronormative values and rituals by creating an icon-based identity queer people can congregate around. 

We should all have the freedom to present our authentic selves, and to celebrate how beautifully diverse we are.

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