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Dachshund Signet Ring by Jonathan Johnson

Dachshund Signet Ring

"A dog is like a heart on four legs" (Irish proverb).

When I walk through the park with my spitz "Wippo", we meet the poodle lady "Holly", the chihuahua "Dexter", the dachshund "Rosa ", the french bulldog" Diva "and the pug" Fritzi " - the whole dog gang. There is always something going on: barking, sniffing and here and there a treat. Of course you have to be careful that you are not caught without a leash. But hey: Punk's not dead! Now they all come as fun bubble gum signet rings - the perfect accessory for any dog lover. Preventing complains we also created a cat, because we love kitty cats too!

The rings are available in gold plated or rhodium plated brass.

One size fits all.

Designed and produced in Germany by Jonathan Johnson

Regular price $75.00