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Poodle Signet Ring by Jonathan Johnson

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Poodle Signet Ring

"A dog is like a heart on four legs" (Irish proverb).

When I walk through the park with my spitz "Wippo", we meet the poodle lady "Holly", the chihuahua "Dexter", the dachshund "Rosa ", the french bulldog" Diva "and the pug" Fritzi " - the whole dog gang. There is always something going on: barking, sniffing and here and there a treat. Of course you have to be careful that you are not caught without a leash. But hey: Punk's not dead! Now they all come as fun bubble gum signet rings - the perfect accessory for any dog lover. Preventing complains we also created a cat, because we love kitty cats too!

The rings are available in gold plated or rhodium plated brass.

One size fits all.

Designed and produced in Germany by Jonathan Johnson