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Tom of Finland
Tom of Finland x FatCloth pocket Square: Pekka

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A multipurpose pocket square in light blue. While on a camping trip just about anything might happen. You've seen Brokeback Mountain, right? Better come prepared with the perfect tool for helping you pitch that tent. If things get tough, just use it to tap some sweat off your brow and you are good to go for another try. If your FatCloth Pekka should get dirty, just drop it into the laundry bin with your T-shirts and what not. It's made of durable microfibre cloth and can take repetitive cycles like a man.  

Whether you are cruising for leisure, appreciate fine design or bow to the pioneering work Tom of Finland has done to empower the global gay community - no one should question your motives and everyone should envy you eye for donning something so spectacularly awesome. 

While you are at it, go and check out Kake's f***buddies Pekka, Kake and Lacey too!

Each pocket square comes in a branded enveloped box

The hankie measures 12 x 12 inches (30.5 x 30.5 cm)


The original FatCloth is the first multipurpose pocket square made of durable microfibre fabric. Our slogan "It's more than a pocket square" sums it up pretty neatly. The FatCloth is above all a contemporary pocket square designed to be used, not merely as a decorative item, but as an everyday tool fit for a modern gentleman’s lifestyle. FatCloth brings the original usage purposes of the handkerchief to the 21st century pocket square culture by using materials that fit today's requirements.

By using durable silky & smooth microfibre fabric (185 g/m2, 80% polyester, 20% polyamide), the original FatCloth enables heavy-duty usage whilst still maintaining the quality feel and look required from the the silk pocket squares of today.

What enables this is the microfibre fabric’s durable structure that withstands significantly more machine wash cycles compared to cotton, linen, silk or bamboo satin materials. The FatCloth is absorbent, machine washable and withstands even ironing on moderate temperatures. However, the fabric does not easily gather wrinkles due to it’s flexibility which makes ironing an option rather than a requirement.

The modern usage situations of FatCloth range from the decorative pocket square function to tackling everyday situations like tapping off sweat to wiping off smudge, moisture, fingerprints and dust from sensitive surfaces such as gadget screens, camera lenses or sunglasses. Only the users themselves can define or limit the purpose of this handy tool. It combines the usability of silk squares, paper towels and advanced cleaning cloths in a way that fits the lifestyle of modern gentleman on the go.


The idea for the multifunctional pocket square originated during a hot summer wedding in 2011, where the need for a stylish and functional pocket square emerged as the memorable evening progressed and the atmosphere (including temperature) gradually rose. After a rapid prototyping and design phase - the company FatCloth Oy (Ltd). was founded in late 2011 in Helsinki, Finland by five entrepreneurs with different backgrounds in marketing, design, finance and technology. Since the launch - FatCloth has been featured in numerous articles and blogs around the globe and won the People's Choice Award in the Nordic Startup Awards in 2012. We design and market multifunctional pocket squares and accessories for the modern gentleman.

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